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Gibson Collector's Choice? #8 1959 Les Paul ”The Beast”

Gibson Collector's Choice? #8 1959 Les Paul ”The Beast”


Gibson Collector's Choice? #8 1959 Les Paul "The Beast"

The character of a '59 Les Paul is special enough but there are exceptional examples even among the most legendary guitars. So it is that Gibson have made a guitar of supreme quality, with painstaking attention to detail and only the finest materials used. From the hands of a legend in rock, a near perfect example of the great Les Paul.

British guitarist Bernie Marsden is one of rock’s true road warriors. As a founding member of Whitesnake and guitarist with several other bands, projects, and notable solo artists, Bernie has laid down some of rock’s hottest riffs for more than five decades, and his prized 1959 Les Paul, serial number 9–1914, has been there through it all. Through the collaboration between the craftspeople at Gibson Custom and the generous cooperation of owner/artist Bernie Marsden himself, this hallowed ’Burst now comes to life in a strictly Limited Edition with a maximum of 300 guitars, all representing every detail of this road-tested veteran, from its faded “Dirty Lemon” finish, to its patina and playing wear—and most of all, its feel and tone.

In addition to being an uncannily accurate recreation of a legendary guitar, Collector’s Choice? #8 1959 Les Paul “The Beast” also features Gibson Custom’s 20th Anniversary Historic Specifications, which bring the Custom Shop reproductions closer to the real thing than ever before. These specifications, introduced for 2013, include a single-layer rosewood fingerboard, hot hide glue neck joint, accurate fingerboard and body binding color, historically accurate truss rod assembly, and genuine aniline dye for the guitar’s back, neck, and sides. Further period-correct details are found in the neck’s nylon 6/6 nut, holly headstock veneer with pearl Gibson logo, reissue Kluson? Deluxe tuners, ABR-1 bridge with lightweight aluminum stopbar tailpiece, Bumble Bee tone caps, and more. For player’s and collector’s seeking the look, feel, and tone of an exceptional original 1959 Les Paul Model guitar played and loved by a respected artist, Collector’s Choice? #8 1959 Les Paul “The Beast” represents a rare opportunity.

Precision Engineering

Gibson BeastThe process of creating a Collector’s Choice? guitar involves detailed hands-on analysis of the original, along with intimate digital scanning and precise measurement of every output and specification. The exceptional accuracy used to craft Collector’s Choice? #8 1959 Les Paul “The Beast” includes attaining similar lightweight, one-piece mahogany bodies and similarly figured carved maple tops, recreating the precise beefy ’50s neck to match the original’s distinctive and individual profile, and developing a custom-wound set of pickups that includes a Burstbucker #2 in the neck and a Burstbucker #3 in the bridge to recreate The Beast’s unique chimey-to-throaty tone range. To take it all further, Gibson Custom accurately matches every nuance of the finish aging and playing wear found on the original, with the result that the final guitars have been thoroughly approved by Bernie himself for adherence to the original’s look, feel, and tone.



  • One-piece Mahogany back with figured Maple top
  • Rosewood fingerboard with nitrocellulose trapezoid inlays
  • Powerful Burstbucker #2 and #3 Humbucking pickups in the neck and bridge positions
  • Nickel plated, lightweight aluminum stop bar tailpiece with ABR-1 bridge
  • Kluson? Deluxe Nickel Reissue Green Key tuners with 12:1 tuning ratio


  • Top: Maple
  • Back : Mahogany


  • Species: Genuine Mahogany Neck with a Maple Spline
  • Profile: '50s Rounded
  • Scale Length: 24.75"
  • Nut Width: 1.687


  • Tuners: Kluson? Green Key
  • Bridge: Type: ABR-1
  • Tailpiece: Lightweight Aluminum Stopbar Tailpiece
  • Pickups: Burstbuckers