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Ibanez RG3770FZ RG Prestige Electric Guitar Transparent Blue

Ibanez RG3770FZ RG Prestige Electric Guitar Transparent Blue



Body Flamed Maple + Maple top /Mahogany back body
Neck Super Wizard HP 5pc Maple/Walnut neck w/KTS? TITANIUM rods
Fretboard Rosewood fretboard w/White Mother of Pearl dot inlay
Frets Jumbo frets w/Prestige fret edge treatment
Bridge Edge-Zero bridge w/ZPS3
Pickup DiMarzio? Air Norton?
2nd Pickup True Velvet?
3rd Pickup The Tone Zone?
Left Handed NA
Hardware Colour Cosmo Black
Strap Button Yes
Colour ?

Scale 648mm /25, 5"
a:Saddle Width: 43mm
b: Bridge Width : 58mm
c: Thickness at Fret 1: 17mm
d: Thickness at Fret 12: 19mm
The radius of the fingerboard: 430mm

Super Wizard HP Neck
Refined super-fast Prestige Wizard neck for ultimate shredders - 17mm width at 1st fret and 19mm at the 12th.

DiMarzio? Pickups

Edge-Zero Tremolo
The Edge-Zero has a sharp knife-edge for extremely accurate tremolo playing. This tremolo also uses Ibanez innovations to keep string action constant and the bridge surface smooth. The specially designed arm socket prevents unnecessary wobble from the arm while providing full control over the arm's torque.
ZPS3 Zero Point System

ZPS3 Zero Point System

The ZPS3 is the next stage of zero point systems. Made of lightweight Duralumin, the addition of two outer springs makes the guitar easier to tune and provides much greater tuning stability. In fact, the other strings will stay in tune even if you break a string. If you prefer a full floating tremolo setup, simply remove the stop bar.
Collet Knob

Collet Knob

Designed for great looks and engineered to avoid the risk of coming off while you're playing. The non-slip functionality gives this collet knob accurate axis rotation and control for any player.
Barless Top-Lok

Barless Top-Lok
The Barless Top-Lok eliminates the need for a retainer bar to maintain string tension. Through its simple design, it holds the correct angle for the strings without one. The metal-injection molding process means that all the edges remain smooth, so you won't hurt your hands.